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  J80-M Meter Nozzle
J80-M Meter Nozzle is installed JYM/L-1 electronic oval gear meter with LCD display on base of J80-A manual nozzle,with advantage of high accuracy up to\0.5%,low weight,easy use and 5digital sub-total and 8digital non-resettable totalizer,etc.


  Flow rate:  50-60L/Min
  Inlet:  BSPF or BSPF 1"or "
  Diameter of Spout:  "
  Accuracy:  \0.5%
  Repeatability:  0.2%

    JYQ Oil nozzle
JYQ-1 oil nozzle,easily combinde with JYM/L-1 meter to measuring the dispensing of oil,with the construction of aluminum body l swivel,built inbalanced valve.


  Inlet:  BSPF"
  Max Flow rate:  15L/min
  Wouking Pressure:  0.7MPa
  Max Working Pressure:  100Bar
   Dimension:  44〜34〜40cm
  Net Weight:  24Kg
  Gross Weight:  25Kg
  Package:  20PCS/CTN

  JYM/x-1 Oval Gear Meter

JYM/x-1 Oval gear meter for controlling and measuring low, medium,and high viscosity,such as fuel,lubrication oil,with advantage of high precision and low pressure loss,compact light weight design and easy installation.
JYM/L-1 Oval gear meter with LCD display, 5-digital sub-total,8-digital non-resettable totalizer.
JYM/P-1 Oval gear meter with pulse output, reed Swithch built in,signal channel output.


  Inlet&outlet:  BSPF1/2"
  Accuracy:  \0.5%
  Repeatibility:  +0.17%
  Max Working Pressure:  70Bar
  Flow Rate:  1゛30L/min
  Discharge Rate per Revolution:  21ml/R
  Battery Power:  3.6V14505Battery

 Output of Pulser
 * 2 pulses per revolution