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¡¡¡¡DYB50-DC12B Electric Transfer Pump,Explosion Proof

For diesel, gasoline, kerosene, mineral spirits, solvent and heptatne
Explosion-proof permanent magnet motor with thermal overload protection
Built-in strainer, bypass valve
Ball bearing construction, no lubrication required
1" diameter, 12'hose with static ground wire and 1" manual nozzle
nozzle boot that protects against dirt and contamination
2" threaded base for tank openings
Corrosion-Proof section pipe
Rain proof.water proof
30-minute duty cycle,not for continuous operation

Options £º
FM-40G meter in gallons or FM-120 meter in liters
Automatic nozzle

  Model£º DYB50-DC12B/24B DYB75-DC12B
  Body Material £º Castlron Castlron
  Max.Flowrate £º 15GPM(57LPM) 20GPM(76LPM)
  Explosion-proof motor £º 1/4"HP 1/4"HP
  Voltage£º DC12 or DC24 DC12
  Inlet£º 1"NPT 1"NPT
  Outlet£º 3/4"NPT 1"NPT
  Threaded tank adapter£º 2"NPT 2"NPT
  Nozzle Hanger£º Yes Yes


¡¡¡¡DYB50A/50C Electric Transfer Pump Unit Explosion Proof