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  JSQ-2 Mechanincal Register
   The JSQ-2 Mechanincal Register is the outstanding choice for recording and displaying delivery data in a wide variety of industries. In the petroleum refining and distributiong field, it is used from the well to pipelines and storage centers, then ti gasoline and fuel oil delivery trucks. In the chemical processing field, it can be used for displaying totals during mixing and batching operations. The mechanical Recgister totalizes and displays high speed deliveries and transactions in large easy-to-read figures.
  1. High visibility digital display for optimum readability in all ambient lighting.
  2. Latest technology,modern materials give maximum dependability at speeds to 250 RPM of right wheel ord.
  3. Positive action knob reset.
  4. Built-in precision totalizer accumulates uo to 99,999,999 units,delivery display 5 digital.
  5. Acetal resin components for smooth operation and extra long life.
  6. Fits all popular flow meters.

  JSQ-3 Mechanical Preset Register

  Available for either single-stage or two-stage valve closure. Sets a predetermined volume and controls a mechanically linked valve.

  Gear Plate

  The gear plate is installed in the base of the mechanical counter to convert meter rotary shaft output to an engineered unit of measure.Changing units of measure is simple since all conversions are made with easily accessible gears.

  JSQ-4 Mechanincal Register with Ticket Printer

  JSQ-4 Mechanincal Register with Ticket Printer is idea mechanical printer for printing transaction record.

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