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JSQ-2/E Electronic Register
JSQ-2/E Electronic Register Systems adopts the modern high-performance ARM microprocess or high operation speed,low power consumption,stable performance and resource-rich interface.Intrinsically safe designed,it is more stable and reliable with the strong functions. JSQ-2/E Electronic Register Systems is the ideal substitute products for the staditional mechanical register with advantage of high-precision measurement,stable performance,widely installed on all kind of flow meters,with the LCD display,easy&friendly operation,widely used in stock terminal,Oil tank truck,service station,boatyard,etc.
  Sub-total 6digital
  Totalizer 8digital
  Measurement Precision 0.1%

  1. Matching with the variety pulser to achieve the measurement of high-precision large flow.
  2. Free refueling and preset refueling for option
  3. Equitpped with printer to print the transaction records.it equitppers,makes the operation very direct-viewing.

PS-100 Pulser
(Voltage+) :DC5V
100 pulses per encoder revolution
Operating temperature range: -40桫+85 (-40H185H)
GLQ-50-I Iron Strainer