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¡¡¡¡OGM-A Serices Oval Gear

¡¡¡¡OGM-A serices aluminum oval gear meter has the ability to handle a wide range of fluid viscosities with exceptional levels of repeatability and durability,applying in the petroleum,chemical,food industry,etc.

  Technical Data£º
Model£º OGM-A-20 OGM-A-25 OGM-A-40 OGM-A-50
Size£º " 1" 1" 2"
Min.Flow Rate£º 10-80L/min 20-200L/min 25-250L/min 30-300L/min
Max.Flow Rate£º 120L/min   250L/min 300L/min
Accueacy£º ¡À0.5%
Repeatability£º ¡Ü0.17%
Max.Viscosity£º 1000CPS
Max. Pressuer£º 34Bar 34Bar 18Bar 18Bar
 Model OGM-A-20 OGM-A-25 OGM-A-40 OGM-A-50
 Dimension 35¡Á35¡Á23cm 35¡Á35¡Á23cm 40¡Á23¡Á41cm 49¡Á28¡Á25cm
 Net Weight 16kg 8kg 14kg 13kg
 Gross Weight 17kg 9kg 15kg 14kg
 Package 4PCS/CTN 4PCS/CTN

¡¡¡¤Compact size,easy maintenance
¡¡¡¤Easy to read and operate mechanical display
¡¡¡¤Horizontally and vertically flexibility of installation options
¡¡¡¤Low pressure drop


¡¡Widely used in induestries of petroleum,chemical processing,medicine,transportation,food,etc.