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¡¡¡¡SUB Series Vane Pump

¡¡¡¡SUB Series pump is positive displacement vane pump,applied to transfer gasoline,kerosene,diesel and other light oil,used to load&unload in stock terminal,also on oil tank tyucks and mobile fuel unit.

¡¡¡¤An excellent self-priming performance,vacuum up 0.06MPa,intstead of vacuum pump to clean the tank in vessel,truck,etc.
¡¤To transport gas-liquid two-phase,up to 50%,completely solve air lock,cavitation.
¡¤Sliding vane design provides sustained performance and trouble free operation,high reliability
¡¤Adjustable reliefvalve protects pump from excessive pressure.

  Technical Specification£º
Model£º SUB-40 SUB-50 SUB-80
Size£º 40mm/1" 50mm/2" 80mm/3"
Pump Speed£º 1400RPM 1400RPM 960RPM
Max.Flow Rate£º 180L/min 250L/min 500L/min
Vacumm£º 0.06MPa 0.06MPa 0.06MPa
Working Pressure£º
Motor Power£º 2.2KW 2.2KW 7.5KW
 Model SUB-40 SUB-50 SUB-80
 Dimension 40¡Á33¡Á33cm 32¡Á32¡Á36cm 49¡Á42¡Á42cm
 Net Weight 20kg 20kg 40kg
 Gross Weight 25kg 25kg 49kg
 Package 1pc/Wood Case