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YB Series Rotary Vane Pump
YB Series Self priming rotary vane pump with internal by-pass valve. The pumps use a rotor with sliding vanes to draw the liquid. The material of construction is nodular iron with sliding vanes built in a special self lubricating material.Due to its efficiency the pumps can handle viscous and aiso volatile liquids and require less horsepower than other equivalent pumps.The pumps are capable of higher flow-rates at lower number of revo
lutions than other designs.

Durable pumps for fast and quiet operation.
Sliding vane design provides sustained performance and trouble free operation,high reliability.
Adjustable relief vaive pratects pump from excessive pressure.


YB Series Rotary Vane Pump

Oil Tank Truck, Fleet refueling, Lube oil, Aviation refuelers, Transport of Petro Chemicals, gasoline, biofuels, solvents and many more.

  Technical Specification & Package Date
Model YB-50 YB-65 YB-80 YB-100
Material Without Motor Without Motor.
V-Belt Driven
Without Motor Without Motor.
V-Belt Driven
Without Motor Without Motor.
Coupling Driven
Without Motor
Size 50mm/2" 65mm/2" 80mm/3" 100mm/4"
Pump Speed 400-640RPM 400-640RPM 400-640RPM 500RPM
Max.Flow Rate 150-300L/min 300-500L/min 600-1000L/min 1500-1900/min
Vacuum 0.5Bar
Working Pressure 5Bar
Motor Power 2.2KW 4KW 7.5KW 18.5KW
Dimension 443535cm 765155cm 463437cm 765456cm 494242cm 1254679cm 585561cm
Gross Weight 34Kg 118Kg 47Kg 146Kg 74Kg 266Kg 178Kg
Net Weight 31Kg 86Kg 40Kg 126Kg 68Kg 238Kg 160Kg
Package 1pc/Wood Case