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  FL Air Eliminator
  Aluminum,Cast Iron, Steel,Stainless Steel available


  GLQ Series Strainer
  Aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel available

Model GLQ-50 GLQ-80 GLQ-100 GLQ-150
Diameter 50mm / 2 " 80mm / 3 " 100mm / 4 " 150mm / 6 "

  Strainer Baskets

  The proper strainer basket to use depends on the product and viscosity of the product over the expected range of metering temperatures.



strainer Mesh Sicze General Application
200M LPG only
100M Gasoline,solvents,LPG
80M Gasoline,solvents
40M Heating oil,Diesel fuel,light oils
20M Motor oils and other viscous products
  V_and VS_series piston valves

  The V_series mechanically actuated piston valves are available in 2" throngh 4" sizes and are designed for mounting on the meter outlet to provide tight shutoff with smooth and easy operation regardless of system line pressure.Valves may be manually operated or connected via a mechanical linkage to a preset counter on the meter for single stage closure,or two srage closur to eliminate hydrarlic shock.

Model Material Used with meter Size Max.flow rate
V-50 Aluminum M-40,M-50 1"and 2 " 550 L/min
V-80 M-80 3 " 1150 L/min
V-100 M-100 4 " 1700 L/min